“We embrace knowledge as a mechanism for sustainable wealth. Our knowledge is your key to a future of financial peace of mind.”


What is the experience of an NFB client?

Real relationships

Our clients have direct and personal relationships with our advisors and support staff. We know our clients’ wealth plan and we know how it has evolved over time, and continues to evolve. More importantly, once an investment plan is in motion it’s after sales service that matters the most. Our clients have personal and immediate access to support staff who know them on a first name basis and who are familiar with all the details of their investments.

Happy clients equal a sustainable business

Without properly satisfied clients who stay with us for a long time, we don’t have a long-term sustainable business. Everything we do is focused on making our clients happy and keeping them with us for the long term. We don’t sell products and policies, we devise and implement long-term wealth plans using our knowledge built up over 30 years of successfully doing business.

Concerned about costs

We are as concerned about costs as our clients. We spend considerable time ensuring that the cost-to-value relationship across everything we do is appropriate. Clients should not overpay or underpay for exceptional performance. Our fee basis is carefully considered and regularly reviewed together with our clients to ensure the value we bring is quantifiable.

Gorilla in your corner

We use the scale of NFB Private Wealth Management and the quality of our business relationships to ensure that our clients get an outcome that they might otherwise not have. Our clients benefit from access to alternative products and investment opportunities not broadly available.

The whole picture

We are experts at what we do but recognise our limitations. Over 3​3 years we have developed a network of like-minded professionals who excel in their field and bring decades of expertise to the table. Working with your accountants and legal professionals, we cover the full spectrum of wealth planning.