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We provide niche and flexible tailored lending solutions to established businesses as well as to private clients within the NVest Group. Partner with us for the financing of assets as well as term loans to achieve your business and/or personal goals.

Operating across a range of designated business industries, we have several products available to help you overcome the challenges and obstacles that are holding your business back from reaching its growing aspirations. 
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The Value of Independence

We understand the challenges involved in growing a successful business and recognise that securing finance should not be among those challenges.

Delivering niche lending solutions and outstanding personalised client service to established businesses with growth and funding needs is at the core of our offering and what makes us your trusted lending partner of choice.

NFB Finance aims to fill the financing gap with our flexible and bespoke offerings with timeous turnaround from approval to disbursements today

As an independent financing partner, we have the freedom to align our products based on your needs. We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients' unique requirements, understanding them and the potential obstacles.

Each lending solution is tailored to provide an innovative and flexible approach with a view that no loan is ever the same.

Our expert team's dedication to detail and efficiency of service means that together we canfinance tomorrow's business growth, today

Lending solutions for sustainable growth


A superior and personalised service experience

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  • Diversify and expand your asset base, enabling you to capitalise on market opportunities and drive business growth.
  • Preserve your business's working capital, freeing up cash for other important expenses.
  • Optimise your production efficiency and costs by upgrading and replacing your assets, ensuring your business stays competitive and profitable

  • Access the necessary capital to support an opportunity that would significantly grow your business.
  • Fund expansion and growth plans that would otherwise be challenging to achieve due to lack of available capital.
  • Capitalise on growth opportunities while maintaining your cash flow and financial stability.

  • Secure rapid capital injection to support your business objectives.
  • Have complete control over how you repay your loan, thanks to our easy and flexible repayment options.
  • Partner with our team of financial experts, who can offer guidance, evaluation, and specialisedfinancing structuring to cater to your unique requirements.

Secure business financing with NFB today

Who we are

As part of the NVest Group of companies, NFB Finance has been founded on and backed by over 35 years of financial services experience. Our team has over 140 years' combined experience in providing lending solutions.

Partnering with our clients to help them to fuel their growth over the long-term and succeed, is at the core of our personalised client value proposition. 

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Our Team


Dion Ramoo CA(SA), CD(SA)

Managing Director
"The foundation of success is passion, dedication, trust, open honest communication and striving to add value daily. "

Anthony Godwin RFP™

Group CEO at NVest Financial Holdings Limited & Executive Director
"If you want to end up as a wave its best to start as a ripple"
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The Team

Pat McCarlie

Credit Finance Specialist
"Build relationships, not just transactions, Foster a genuine interest in your client's success and wellbeing and invest time and effort in building long-term relationships. "

Jenni Mclaren

Senior Credit Administrator
"When trying to achieve a goal, everyday it gets easier, but that’s the hard part, doing it every day. Consistency is key. "

Nolan Vasi

Credit Finance Specialist

Shawn Cole CHBP (SA)

Credit Finance Specialist
"I never lose, I either win or learn. "

Alex Godwin

Sales Consultant
"When trying to achieve a goal, everyday it gets easier, but that’s the hard part, doing it every day. Consistency is key. "
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