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Balancing costs, opportunities and risk to invest in the future growth of people and businesses.

How can NFB help institutional clients?

We provide clients (from listed companies, to untaxed bodies and boutique firms) with sophisticated financial services and advice designed to take care of the needs of the organisation and its people.

By tailoring our solutions to meet the company's current and future needs, we work closely alongside corporate clients to grow business assets, manage short and long term risk, and optimise employee benefit schemes in order to support business growth.


Business strategies:

  • Asset and Investment Management
  • Long Term Insurance (Business and Employee Assurance)
  • Short Term Insurance
  • Employee Benefits
  • Medical Aid and Health Insurance

Investment strategies for sustainable growth

Long term investments

Long term investments are focused on long term growth and incorporated into an investment strategy with a view to generating returns that are comfortably in excess of inflation and cash.

Through bespoke local and global structured solutions we enable our institutional clients to gain market exposure with differentiating pay-off profiles to traditional long term assets.

Offshore Investments

An offshore investment provides investors with exposure to currency other than the ZAR, usually in the form of a developed market currency. We can assist businesses with the structuring and facilitation of offshore investments. These are usually achieved through asset swaps or feeder funds, which makes it possible for corporate clients to enjoy global exposure to cash, bonds, property shares, mutual funds or share portfolios.

Our investment managers are well positioned with the necessary administrative support to be able to advise and guide clients on the impact of their decisions - it’s not something they’ll need to navigate alone.

Offshore structured products

We have the ability to offer structured offshore investment opportunities. These are investments that offer clients market exposure but with a predefined pay off profile, along the lines of a capital guarantee or a minimum return, catering to a more cautious investment strategy.

Cash Solutions

  • Money Market
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Enhanced Cash
  • Income Funds
  • Dividend Funds

We offer clients the ability to optimise their cash returns through a range of cash alternatives,
keeping risk and liquidity dynamics in mind.

Strategies for business ownership protection

Everything in life comes with risk; especially in business. Unforeseen risks relating to the death or disability of key personnel may result in huge capital losses or cash flow problems, which means that it’s more important than ever to get your company the right kind of cover before it’s too late.

Business Assurance

No matter the size or complexity of the organisation, there is a great deal of similarity in their structures and the risks they face.

Most businesses comprise of the following elements:

  • Business owners
  • Employees
  • Assets
  • Capital requirements

To ensure the business is a going concern, careful consideration must be given to the impact of death or disability of key personnel on the abovementioned elements.

Buy and Sell Agreement

Business continuity must be considered from the outset when starting a business. This involves examining what will happen to the shares in the event that:

  • A shareholder dies
  • A shareholder becomes permanently incapacitated

Buy and Sell Agreement determines:

  • How shares are to be sold in the event of death or disability of a shareholder
  • The valuation method for determining price at point of sale
  • The funding mechanism for the sale (usually a life policy).

Contingent Liability

One of the most important steps in setting up or growing a business is raising the funds to acquire working capital to run the business successfully and sustainably.

This is usually done by means of:

  • A loan to the business by the business owners, or
  • Obtaining a loan from a financial institution.

Where the loan route is taken, the business owners often need to sign suretyship for this debt, which essentially means they’re pledging personal assets should their business fail to pay back the debt. Both funding mechanisms carry a real risk for the personal estate of the business owner, which makes a contingency liability agreement indispensable in reducing this risk.

Key Person Policies

The most important assets in business are your people. When the financial and operating success of your business relies heavily on these key individuals, there is a real risk to the business in the event of dread disease, disability or death befalling such a key individual.

Fortunately, it’s possible for the business to take out protection against losing a key employee to death or incapacity. This cover is intended to replace lost revenue and provide the means necessary to recruit and train the replacement employee to the required standard.

Short Term Insurance

Businesses have their own sets of risks, which may lead to huge capital losses or cash flow problems.
To help your business weather any storm, it is critical to seek the right kind of business insurance.

We offer clients the following types of business cover:

Personal insurance covering residential buildings, motor vehicles and household contents

Personal insurance covering residential buildings, motor vehicles and household contents

Specialised liability covers (including cyber liability)

Specialised liability covers (including cyber liability)

Industry-specific cover for hospitality, schools and pharmacies

Industry-specific cover for hospitality, schools and pharmacies

Commercial insurance, covering business assets and vehicles

Commercial insurance, covering business assets and vehicles

Professional indemnity cover

Professional indemnity cover

Motor fleet insurance

Motor fleet insurance

Agricultural insurance

Agricultural insurance

Marine and transit cover

Marine and transit cover

Cell captive insurance

Cell Captive Insurance

Strategies for employee wellbeing

Take care of your people, and they’ll take care of business. It’s a simple enough principle, but can be time-consuming to put into practice.

That’s why our employee benefits strategies take the burden off your plate as employer, giving you the time to focus on everything else that matters. With increasing legislative and compliance burdens being placed on employers, there is a clear demand for needs-oriented employee benefit schemes that satisfy your people while making sense for your business.

We deal with all major registered South African and international financial institutions within the banking, insurance, listed equity and employee benefits industries, leveraging our relationships and experience to benefit your people.

We provide investment advice and expert support for group retirement funds. We’re perfectly positioned to take care of all group risk planning, employee benefits and retirement funds.

  • Group Schemes
  • Retirement Annuities
  • Life Annuities
  • Linked Life Annuities
  • Pension / Provident Funds
  • Preservation Plans

Group Benefit Schemes that make business sense

Today’s employee is well informed and wants to be more involved in the decision making process, when it comes to their employment benefits. At the same time, employers have realised that there is a growing need to keep people motivated and to give them an incentive to remain with the company in order to secure the future of the organisation.

A solid group benefit scheme will contribute positively to the welfare and productivity of your business and its employees, in the following ways:

  • A planned system of retirement is made available, giving individuals an end-goal to pursue.
  • It becomes possible to reward long service, and easier to retain existing efficient staff members to provide long-term security beyond retirement.
  • Establishes attractive employment conditions and talented, high-value players will be more readily attracted to the business.
  • Makes rewards more meaningful, as employees get a higher after-tax reward, by leveraging available tax concessions for employer costs and employee benefits.
  • Encourages staff loyalty, builds morale and job security, which increases employee satisfaction and productivity.

Umbrella Funds

An effective means of minimising the burden of fiduciary duties, Umbrella Funds are used in order to allow employers to collectively participate in a single fund, and the administrators of the Umbrella Funds take on trustee duties.

  • To best meet the needs of individual employees, we select the appropriate umbrella fund, or combination of funds to fit with their unique objectives
  • We provide an optimal mix of investment allocation and additional risk benefits to ensure that this is done in the most cost effective manner possible, for both the employer and employee.

Time saved is money saved

As a result of our independence we’re able to tailor the best possible solution to meet employee needs. By leveraging strategic partnerships with well-resourced institutions that administer Umbrella Funds, we give business owners and institutional boards the right employee benefits advice that they need to run effectively, while also facilitating seamless administrative processes.

Healthcare Advisory

Our Healthcare Advisory Division is ready to deal with your employees’ medical aid requirements, playing an important role in managing corporate employee wellness programmes.

Medical Insurance

With so many changes in medical aid structures and benefits lately, it can be confusing for businesses to find the right fit for their employees’ needs.

Our Healthcare Advisory is dedicated to offering a superior healthcare consulting and brokerage service, giving you exactly the advice you need to find the perfect medical scheme to fit the exacting needs and budgets of your people.

We don’t just find the best option for your people, we help them to get the most out of it, by understanding how their plan works and what they need to do to manage their medical expenses to maximise their benefits.

Healthcare Solutions

  • Gap Cover Policies
  • Lifestyle Benefits
  • Disease Management
  • Chronic Illness Benefit
  • Out of Hospital Benefit
  • Hospital Benefits
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